by God Syndrome

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released February 20, 2016

God Syndrome are:
Vox - Pavel Bamburov
Guitars - Sergey Aksenov
Guitars - Vitaly Mizek
Bass - Dmitry Kuznetsov
Drums - Alexander Krut

All drums recorded by Pawel "Pawulon" Jaroszewicz
Samples by Michal Staczkun

Lyrics by Dmitry Kuznetsov, Pavel Bamburov, Sergey Aksenov

Artwork & layout by W. Smerdulak



all rights reserved


God Syndrome Samara, Russia

God Syndrome is a melodic death metal band formed in 2011 in Samara, Russia that represents a powerful symbiosis of the American, Swedish and Polish death metal.
God Syndrome's music consist of extreme melodic death metal with the strong touch of melody, power and anger, mixed with the mystic and blasphemous atmosphere.
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Track Name: Purge

I am standing at the edge
Overlooking burning ruins below
Writhing with synthetic madness
You shall not run from what you've become

Enslaved for a thousand violent years
This proud scornful mass
Divided by the phantom beasts
Scorched and scalded with fear

Straight from the edge
The waves pulling me under
Into this sea of lies
To take my soul as a humble sacrifice
Amongst the venomous snakes
Their eyes thirst for blood
Making my stand
I see the fire coming for me

Here will be death valley
Erased by the storm
Purified by suffering
All-consuming purge

Hear the cry of the dead
The lament of the fallen and despised
Forging closure to the death
Across the lands of no return
Track Name: Clan

My blood is so pure
My blood is so pure and noble
I keep the memory of the ancestors
The essence of magnificence

Roots of my Tree soak the blood of rootless shepherds
The shield becomes stronger
While the World is sleeping in the lion’s embrace.

The spirit that inherited scorn
Dwelled inside my heart
I was born in a clan
Shameless oppression is my Father.

Preoccupied about value of human existence
He's ready to drown millions in poverty
This kind is like weed that strangles all the living
The Ventriloquists give the orders staying in the shade.

I've inherited gold, luxury, and secret knowledge
I've inherited slaves' sweat, their wives' tears, their children's hunger and fear.

My blood is so pure,
My blood is so pure and noble
Through the time I carry the fodder
For contemptible masses
Track Name: Five Acts Of Deception
Five Acts Of Deception

Tearing your nostrils with the golden claws
They pour the boiling Smyrna inside
The burnt tissues won't feel the scent of living flesh
Enveloped in the endless ocean’s breath

Altering the darkness with dazzling fire
In a monstrous mystery, blind you
With dim eyes won’t shift Your gaze
From the testimonies of delusion

Your fate’s divined by the prophets of lies
Accept it and You’ll never get through
The land desolated and won’t realize
That Your senses were taken from You

Dried with the ice, your skin won't answer
The wind wandering around
The soft touch of sanguineous lips wouldn’t sweep
In a rush over weakened nerves

The passage across them is open
Only for pain and obedience
Servility begets fear of the lash
That opens wide bleeding wounds

Carnivorous worms gnaw your ear-drums
Meaty grubs motions echo like thunder
Deafen with voices of unctioned choir
Singing of Kingdom awaiting the dead
With the flesh lacerated by ravenous jaws
You won't be able to hear
How the trees whisper gently about the world
That world You've never known
Track Name: Dark Sand
Dark sand

Dark sand gets into our ears
Grey dust hits your eyes
Cowardly waiting for one's enslavement
The demons are tearing the god apart
In a tempest of ashes - only false voices
Increasing their influence
Observing through the icon of despair
Everyone asking the scarecrow for salvation

While high priest sows the idea of golden viceroys
And slippery tongues will slobber

Stand against the deadly wind
Dark sands flowing around
Ruin of hopes like broken heart
Your land becomes your burial mound

Land of hatred sprouted with seeds of evil
The garden shines in blossom of the grapes of wrath
The flaming hands of sun hold them gently
In embrace that make the venomous fruit ferment

We are drowning in endless prayers
Under layers of waste of idolatry
In the name of your oppressive god
Track Name: Summon The Sun
Summon The Sun

Blood runs cold
Into the veins, blur before the eyes
You cannot realize if it’s day or night
Wandering around in this haze and trying
To find the way out by touch and break away

Turn around! Do you hear the rustling?
It’s crawling closer and closer to You
Transforming the soil into mellow mash
And drawing the prey into cold trap

You run not sparing Yourself
Injuring Your bleeding feet
But every step of Thee
Arouses its hunger

Summon the sun! Requital is nigh
The flaming breath descending from the sky

Thousand-year darkness weakened your vision
You hear the cracking of your brothers’ bones
Their flesh is being ripped by the gritting jaws
And disappears forever deep inside the earth

Make a stop and let them come closer
And search for you with the slimy feelers
Take a deep breath with a heartbeat
Set your voice free in a dreadful shriek

Tear into pieces not sparing Yourself
Flay the morbid skin
Every strike of Thee
Makes him tremble!
Track Name: The Last Option
The Last Option

Sunset making the shadows arise
And fall over the armor eaten by rust
Wind howling through the deserted land
Keeping time with the fluttering banners

In this battleground as their last refuge
Taking their eternal rest, they slumber
But the eye-pits absorb the darkness
Forever on a vigilant watch

Fall down on your knees
Let the crimson cloak fly
Rejected by both life and death
Defaced from the writs of time

They all walk their own ways that unite
In a pathway to almighty decay
As leaves wither slowly and turn to rust
Your option is only to wait

Holding the hilt with a beast grasp
Driving the blade into earth
Pleading for deceitful image
Of sword becoming the cross

Defile your own Creed you've never had
Reveal your instinct of a predator
Slake the thirst of death with a sting
Of the arrow baptized in poison
Track Name: Fire

Spreading like rats
To rip this world apart
Their animal eyes can see the only weakness
Like jungle dogs they wait for you to fall
Hungering to commemorate their disgusting triumph

Shun their lies about endless might of the coward
One step to become like them but thousand steps to shun
Eternal stand between the crowd and single soul
With nothing left to save but inner self

Well-disposed rows of soldiers of this absurd war
Afflicted eyes hunting victim to kill
They know it's only way to survive
Killing each other in the name of life

When brother will kill brother
Marching forth under multicolored flags
Shouting out the same mottos in different tongues
They will be cursed to face the wrath of Mother Earth

Let there be the fire
Rushing from the skies to burn them all
Turn them unto dust
Purify that filth!

Well-disposed rows of soldiers of this absurd war
Afflicted eyes hunting victim to kill
They know it's only way to survive
Killing each other in the name of life
Let there be the fire
Rushing from the skies to burn them all
Turn them unto dust
Let there be the fire!
Track Name: Tormans

Parade is passing again
Under the sign of the Serpent
And we carry the gifts for you
Mentors delight the taste of dismal servility
It's time to cherish your ill-will
And invincible fatalism

People here are carriers of social blindness
They are rotten in the era of «Inferno»

Enjoy your cold embrace
My mutilated planet
Raise to the skies the temples of the tender death
Furiously cut the space...

The luminosity misleading the slaves
Curb Your brilliance, mix with ashes
Civilization is dominated by passions
We fall!

Imperious voice became more astute
Omnipresent tyranny had grown the tribe
Who would be honored to die first?
We all!

Enjoy your cold embrace
My mutilated planet
Raise to the skies the temples of the tender death
Furiously cut the space rushing past the Star

Pain hiding in the abyss
Will remind of itself
By the screams of thousand souls
Merciless Tormans!
Track Name: The Law Of The Betrayed
The Law Of The Betrayed

Awaken by the foul prayers of ones
Who tear asunder throats to be fed
With bitter ashes and bone meal
I'm ready to step out from the dark

You quit the Heaven in silence
And leave no white plume as a token
Of mercy You've never felt to those
Made in Your image and likeness

Destroying the soul shadowed by doubt
From fear and regret I break free
Yearning for power, I am out for blood
To sow the pain and harvest misery

Invisible veil around Your face
Breaking their screams into pieces
No answer of You to their entreaty
Not a single word of sympathy

Tear the body and replace the entrails
By phial full of venom
That runs into the veins of Man
Dead and alive, betrayed by You

I enter Your domain in silence
To wash hands in your servant’s tears
Deliver justice in a trial
By law of the betrayed
Track Name: Mercy

Crowned and enthroned by the silence of men
Baptized in God's slaves faeces and blood
Defended by rabid dogs and blessed by their howl
The tapeworm twists the knots of his slimy flesh

No mercy for the dead
No mercy for the voiced
For those who did reject
The worm's hunger to consume

The dehumanized crowd rejoice
The vile pageant ascends the altar
Carnivorous blistering chaos
Over the world feeble and dead

Thousand eyes watching your every move
Dogs tear the throats of those dared to question
Spiders build webs for those who showed the path
Force the soil into mouths of those who search the answers

No mercy for the dead
No mercy for the voiced
No mercy for the dead
No mercy for the seeing
For those who did reject
The worm's hunger to consume

Willing to reign over oblivion, the worm burns
Eyes of tongueless corpse infested with parasites
Docile crowd nod and open their mouths
Eating the communion bread of batter and grubs
Track Name: Hangman Of Atlantis
Hangman Of Atlantis

Our land is covered with ice
The Kingdom of the gods ceased to be our home
The path grown before the chosen takes them to the realm of the sizzling sun
I need a new breed - the herd of the oppressed and helpless
I Am Yahweh! Henceforth, call me so

I will scatter you... my seeds
Each of you carry inside my poison
My will is your cage

The seeds of insanity will take their place in the mind
The lust for power creates the inception of grim existence

Lead us! Invisible hangman of Atlantis
That deprived us of Kin and Memory
Made us to be destroyers and thieves
Promised us a land of Death

Slime on snakeskin is deadly
For everyone who will touch it
Who will breathe it in, who will be tempted by her shine
Who will prefer it to the Sun

Ashes of my acts are already on the surface
Born were the people growing without roots
Their will is my word
Their will is mine